Product Leader + Strategist

Ryan McManus
Product Leader & Strategist in New York City



Co-Founder of Tripped Media, a digital millennial lifestyle website.

Digital Media Director of Dial 7 Car Service.

VP, Product at MoviePass. Built and launched the first Android app. Functioned as an analyst, product manager, designer, and developer. Tested and proved out a sustainable business model and strategy for MoviePass up until acquisition. Transitioned to focusing on the scaling user base and Product & Engineering teams afterwards.



Born and raised in Texas. Passionate Cowboys & Stars fan. Based in Brooklyn with stops in Syracuse, Strasbourg, and Istanbul. You can find me drinking ungodly amounts of coffee next to my laptop or a good book.




A real forward thinker who understands the details and the big picture.
— Sanjay Puri, former Chief Strategy Officer @ MoviePass
He had a strong ability to align and inspire his team to tackle seemingly impossible tasks on schedule. Ryan was my go-to for everything. He’s the kind of guy who will help you get the answers you need, while empowering you and teaching you how to solve for similar problems in the future.
— Madison Geery, Sr Marketing Manager @ Daily Burn
Ryan was a wealth of knowledge and provided valuable guidance to the entire product team, leading us through the uphill battles of an extremely fast-paced startup with rapidly changing and competing priorities.
— Alexis Hovey, Sr UX/UI Designer @ MoviePass
He moves throughout an organization with ease, connecting and considering all stakeholders not only on a professional level but on a personal one. Ryan is deeply analytical and thinks carefully about all possible outcomes before making a decision; he motivates other team members with his commitment and enthusiasm. In the time I spent working with Ryan, I learned from him, laughed with him, and came to deeply respect him.
— - Dylan McCarthy, Sr Software Engineer @ Cyndx